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New Visual Status Lights for each Habits 

This week, we are introducing better integration of your Holistic self.  When you take action, you have the opportunity to rate your experience so you can learn from the past and improve both your efficiency and your feelings.

It is our firm belief that you can Reach your Goals faster, while staying in Balance and being Happy!

Leverage your Performance with Ratings

To be in better alignment with the science of the human person, you have the option to rate these four things after you record your Actions. The thing to remember is that a positive rating in any one of these will help you in the other areas. For example, Thinking good thoughts  will often put you in a good mood, which in turn will help you take action.  The dashboard now shows your past 30 day average for each habit rating component with easy to read colors:

 For the highest rating,

 For generaly positive,

        blank for neutral, and

 For generally negative. 

The four ratings dimensions are:

  • Taking Action:  The fact that you are taking action and recording this event is the clear sign that you are taking action?
  • Mind and Thinking:  As you were taking action, were your thoughts generaly positive and optimistic or were you thinking about dark aspects?
  • Body Senses:  How were you  feeling physically when you were taking action: tired and heavy or energized, feeling healthy and well?
  • Spirit and Mood:  How was your mood as you took action?  Were you feeling happy and up-beat or doomed and sad?

How to use:

There are a few different ways to leverage your Rating Indicators:

  • Remember you control most what you think about and what you do:
    • Make a counscious effort to think good thoughts, not just to focus on the negative
    • Taking action according to your plan will often make you Feel better.  
    • When in a neutral mood, use music to raise your mood, it will increase the likelyhood that you will take action and feel better.
  • Recognize the interactions these four components have on each other for a given task and in between tasks. 
  • Try to use the engaing aspects positive habits (greens or stars) can have on negative habits. Often, doing a positive habits will put you in a better mood, so that you can jump right into the harder habits, which will get done more often and may receive better ratings if you think and feel better when doing it

Have fun with these new ratings!


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Tuesday, 24 November 2020