Stress Reduction 101


We need to talk about the elephant in the room. Stress.

It seems like some days life tests us from the time we roll out of bed until the sun goes down. Some days stress even interferes with our ability to accomplish the things that would remove the anxiety itself. It sounds crazy, but when you’re anxious it becomes harder to solve your problems. Think about it. Flight or fight responses are an evolutionary adaptation handed down to us from early man. An adrenaline boost was more helpful in hunting a sabre-tooth tiger than it is in solving a modern problem requiring logic.

Stress-reduction techniques

The following , combined with your Goal Interceptor app, will keep your goal management strategy humming along.

  • Identify stressful habits,
  • routines, and occurrences
  • Start a stress journal
  • Exercise Challenge automatic thoughts
  • Create a worry appointment

Reduce Stress and be more Serene

What makes your stress levels spike? Are the interaction and situations within your control? How often do you worry about things you cannot change? You may have hear this Serenity Prayer:

Have courage to change what you can and the wisdom to know what you can’t. 

Other Tips

  • You can use Goal Interceptor’s event recording functionality to create a stress journal. This is a running log of what’s going on in your life and your reactions.
  • Automatic thoughts are those things your brain says in its usual internal dialogue.
    • When doing a math problem, “I will never understand calculus and it’s not even worth trying.”
    • When starting your own business, “The economy is terrible and everybody I know is going under.”

You can’t let these things stay unfiltered in your head. Many times these beliefs are false, and believing them can stress you out and make reasonable situations objects of fear.

Be realistic but reasonable

  • It’s okay to worry. There are legitimate issues that should concern you.
  • What’s unacceptable is letting these issues encroach on your happiness.
  • If you need to worry, give these concerns their own place and time in your day. The logic shifts then, since you know you’ll worry about these problems at the designated time.

I hope these help and keep you going forward with a healthy mind.  Registering and using our Goal Interceptor App will help you balance your work-life balance and stress.


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Tuesday, 24 November 2020