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Our team at Goal Interceptor is constantly working to improve the functionality of the website and increase your Success Rate in establishing new Habits to reach your Goals.  

Here are major feature upgrades that will raise your Productivity, help you reach your goals (and see your progress) and maintain or improve your Life Balance:

Easier Dashboard Controls

The Dashboard has been improved to show you your Goals progress, as well as button next to the Goal titles to go directly to the Plan for that goal, or to the list of Objectives for that Goal.  No more need to use the main menu from the dashboard, the dashboard is where the action is!

New Habit Scheduling 

The key to successfully establishing new habits is regularity, which is now you now have to identify on what day of the week you plan on taking action. From the Goal Detail page, you will see the habits are shown next to a table with the 7 days of the week.  

If you have existing habits, go ahead and set times at which you plan on taking action for a specific habit.  The times per week (frequency) for that habit is calculated for you based on how many days have something indicated for time.  

Dashboard - Today section

The benefit for the Habit scheduling function is that the Dashboard now lists at the very top the Today`s Habits you have planned to do on any given day, above the regular dashboard showing all your habits.  It`s a little bit like you Objectives for the day are singled-out for you.  

All you have to do to start using this exciting new feature is to edit you habits to select what days and what time you are planning to take action.

New Action Graphs

Finally, the other major feature we have added are two innovative graphs on the dashboard.  We used to have three pie charts showing the balance between your facets, but their shortcoming was that they didn`t show you how you had fulfilled your plan: if you had done only 50% of your actions, they were showing you were in balance.  

The two new bar charts show both Effort and Balance between facets:

  • When the horizontal bars reach 100%, you have lived-up to your average time commitment for a facet.  That's all simple as that, and it is very motivating to take action and get those bars at 100%.
  • The balance between facets, as determined by your Goals time allocation, is shown by the balance between the bars:  What you want to have are the roughly equal bar charts.

And the handy thing is that the graphs are also shortcuts to key areas of the App:

  • Today`s Effort is a shortcut to the Dashboard
  • Weeks Effort is a shortcut to your Goals List
  • Facets Balance Pie chart is a shortcut to your Facets

New Quickstart Templates

It's never been easier to get started with this Goals app: you can now get started instantly by downloading one of our ready-made Goals Templates. From the Goals List page, click on one of the button with the name of the template, and this will get you started right to the Planning stage, where you will adapt the Plan to your circumstances.  Go ahead, change it all, it's yours !  Delete it and start from fresh if you want, but at least this example will allow you to play and see how this can work for you. 


To really see the difference these features make, you really owe it to yourself to try it with your Goals, Objectives and Habits.  You'll see, it actually gets quite a bit inspiring and motivating.

You Really have to try it to see how these new features will help you! 

More than even, adopting new Success Habits and reaching your Goals is stimulating and Visual!

PS:  Let me know how you like it, or if you think some other feature is really needed...

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Goal Interceptor Inc.

Ottawa, Canada


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Tuesday, 24 November 2020