Mindfulness and You

Be Awake, Be Mindfull

Washington Irving’s Rip van Winkle nodded off one afternoon; when the folk hero awoke, he found that time had no trouble moving on without him. Do you often find yourself drifting without proper goal management? A little more mindfulness is the answer.


Mindfulness is a state of keen awareness. Only when we’re focused completely in the present are we at our most capable. Suppose you are having a terrible day of work. Your boss has been on your case, you missed the year-end bonus, and – congratulations – management wants you working overtime this Saturday. Don't develop a preoccupation with the recent past! Use mindfulness, putting setbacks into perspective and focusing on what is truly great in your life.


But how? The answer is shifting to the long view. Goal Interceptor’s holistic data allows you a comprehensive view of your achievements across your Life's Facets, Goals and whole person (Mind,Body,Spirit). Remember that time you, a true picture of wellness, saved the presentation, fixed a flat tire, and still arrived on time to your daughter’s field hockey game? Sure you don’t. Like everyone else, you sometimes have a selective memory. Welcome to being human, where we forget years of achievement because today is not following our script.

Visual Guide to your Progress

Goal Interceptor’s visual output gives us objective data we cannot ignore. What’s more motivating than the truth about our own capabilities? We have a history of achievement. Mindfulness enhances our emotional intelligence, concentration, and mood; it puts the very best facets of our character on display. You are not the sum of what you did today, but what you have done for years. If you lock in your keys your car it helps to remember that you have graduated college summa cum laude. There’s an endless amount of encouragement upon which you can draw.

Take Action

Don’t settle for napping through your life or kicking yourself about a bad day. When you’re at the height of your powers, you are an efficient worker and a crisp communicator. Shave that twenty-year beard and let everyone see you at your best.

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Tuesday, 24 November 2020