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Best Seller on the power of Habits

Discover how to keep track of your Goals and your Success Habits

  • The power of Habits has been known for 25 years.
  • Goals require habits to get things done.
  • Goal Habits are regular positive Actions directly supporting and tracking your Goals.
  • Forget about To-Do lists.
  • Reach your Goals with your Key Habits lining-up with your Core Values.

Your Dashboard:
Goals and Habits you can measure

Goals Dashboard with Visual Progress indicators

  • Define your Core Values
  • Identify what Goals are most important to you
  • Develop Healthy Plans based on simple habits with progress you can measure
  • Easy to understand Life Balance Displays Easy to use Prioritized and Color Coded Information
  • Simple Visual Progress Graphs
  • Instant Visual feedback as you Take Action


Access from anywhere

Support Groups for encouragements and mutual friendship

  • Join groups and celebrate each other's Awards for having completed your planned Habits with "Like" or comments.
  • Link Goals to applicable groups, such as health and fitness, business, mindfulness, etc.
  • Create New Groups to gather new teamates. 



Leverage what science says about Success and Hapiness:

  • Keep track of what feels good:
    Easy to understand Life Balance Displays 
  • Easy to use Prioritized and Color Coded Information
  • A Holistic Approach using Simple Visual Progress Graphs
  • Instant Visual feedback as you Take Action

Manage Life Facets


Identify what type of activities are important for you

Goal Setting


Set Goals to achieve your most important tasks and dreams



Set what Goals are most important to you and see the impact on your Habits and Tasks

App Trial offer to cover these aspects of a more Holistic LifeAction Plan


Identify Key Habits towards your Goals and specific Objectives to measure progress

Holistic Approach image012

Use our Tools and Visual Reports to Balance Whole Life and keep track of Mind-Body-Harmony

Success Habits


Define the regular Habits that will bring you Success and get Visual Reminder

Track Progressimage014

As you work on your Success Habits, track progress with insightful visual reports and Email Progress Notifications

Color Coded Visual


The Habit dashboard uses color to give you positive feedback and bring your attention to what you need to do more

Adapt your Plan


While you journey towards your Goals, use your journal notes and data about your performance to adapt your plan to optimize your performance





















You can Reach your Dream Goals 

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Catching your Goals in Action
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