Goal Success for a Better Life

Goal Success for a Better Life

If you want something better for your life, a better tomorrow, then Goals are your best approach to improve your life. Retired after working for 20 years in Aerospace science and engineering, Michael has adapted some High Technology Tools from Aviation to the Art of self-improvement. A simple 4 steps Goal Achievements System eases the journey.

Why Goals

Many times in my past, I had feelings of frustrations and not doing my best, and I have often turned to Goal setting to feel better, only to realize that the next day was brutally unchanged, and that it was going to take some serious action to actually go from a desire to change to actually seeing progress while actually feeling better, not forced into something “not me”. Change is challenging us, because we are creatures of habits, and changing habits takes energy. But with better habits comes better feelings and a sense of progress if habits are chosen to support goals.

Goal Setting, however, is only the first step. Once you define what you want to achieve, you need a support system for your Action and Progress. While there are common ways of getting things done that are common to all people (we're all humans!) we each have have our own particularities in how we work best, what motivates us, what drives us.

A System to get Goals Success

Therefore, any systems must make use of best practices that apply to most of us, while leaving us flexibility to find what makes us perform to our best potential. The good news is that science and technology have progressed sufficiently over the past few years to allow us to have Goals and Action Plans that we can optimize to match our own individual situations, yet are implementing some of the most widely accepted Goal Setting Success practices such as

  • Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timed goals

  • Planning Successful Habits and Tasks for Goal Achievements,

  • Task-oriented / Getting-Things-Done performance measurements,

  • Visual Feedback of Progress as source of motivation and learning,

  • Holistic nature of our lives: Mind-Body-Spirit

Just as learning to ride a bicycle or driving a car, we will break down in simple steps that process, with useful tools and templates at each steps, so you can gradually grow more comfortable with your goals. That is the key to any good system: provide simple techniques that are based on real science and generally accepted success factors.

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Happy Goal Success!


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Tuesday, 24 November 2020