Goal Management and your Family

Who are your Stakeholders?

When we talk about small business goals we consider maximizing profit, streamlining workflow, and keeping stakeholders happy. How is it we manage our most important stakeholders so much differently than those in the office? That’s right. I’m talking about family members. It must seem bizarre to use this MBA-speak talking about loved ones, but, just like with workplace colleagues, your family has a vested interest in your success. They take many forms: Attention, comfort, kind words, physical affection, presents and acts of service. Why do we assume our families are less complicated than the players in our 9-5 lives? We should apply our management knowledge and better all of our life facets.

Family Goals

Let’s see the Goal Interceptor App and its practical value for your family:

Your young son or daughter promises performance improvement this upcoming school term. It’s a rather ambitious goal for a child; success will required sustained effort on his part as well as oversight from you. You require goal planning  for your role as mentor and guidepost.

The goal you set with him, for him, is to get him an average mark of 85 rather than the 75 last term. You put the important syllabus items into the Goal Interceptor:  

  • Habits:
    • Pay careful attention in school,
    • Study every week night to review and complete homework
    • Read required and optional material
    • Review homework with mom and dad
    • Ask your son/daughter what he/she thinks would be appropriate
  • Objectives:
    • Do homework,
    • Complete quizzes and tests with marks above 85%
    • Complete and submit term papers


Perform a stakeholder analysis. You can’t apply a system of incentives without knowing which perks will help your cause. Your son wants to attend a Monster Truck event, get a new book, a computer game, and go on a weekend camping. You divide the rewards into large and small categories, and distribute them accordingly. Perhaps missing no homework assignments doubles his allowance. The possibilities are endless. Without a great tool, such active management would prove impossible. There are not enough hours at dinner time to itemize each grade. Fortunately, the assignments can be laid out in the template so you’ll have a constant reminder.

Create buy-in. Use the same approach your own boss does. He or she rallies the troops, gives you adequate support, and listens when you struggle. Strong managers start with a group of individuals and end up with one team. Explain that a family is a unit, and no role is smaller or larger than another. When you share responsibility you keep your commitments.


Invite information flow. Keep communication going and reinforce your pledges to one another. The goals are part of a contract and this shows you care. Feedback drives intelligent changes in strategy.

Review progress to Adapt


Revisit the Goal: Periodically you’ll review the goal and make changes. Interpret and act upon your information flow, progress reports for instance. When you revise your goals you’ll think about how realistic they are and make changes. You may change your incentives as well. Remember, the concept of goal planning changes depending upon the stakeholder. Don’t just say you’ll do your best, model the behavior.

With our systems planning app you’ll be more attuned to your personal connections, strengthen your marriage, and help your children get a great start in life.

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Tuesday, 24 November 2020