Goal Interceptor as a Personal Finance Tool

Money Matters

I have a bold experiment for you to try. Walk into your manager's office tomorrow without knocking. Demand a hefty pay raise, effective immediately. He or she may put up resistance, but just use your toughest hardball tactics. Let us know if you get your way.

If you want the income bump without the pink slip, a safer alternative exists. How about using your Goal Interceptor App to help the ledger side of your books? It's not as easy as winning the lottery, but you CAN stretch that dollar. Live wiser and better with mind/body/spiritual growth.

But I already know what I spend! I keep the lights on, my car fueled and food on the table. After the tax man and the credit card companies get theirs, there's not a lot left with which to tinker. This may be true, but it only makes the case for smart budgeting. The smaller the pie, the more critical each piece becomes.

Goal Interceptor can help:

  • Reduce Stress - Feeling better doesn't require more money.
  • Goal Planning for Success - Go after the goals that matter to you and don't try to keep up with others.
  • Provide Positive Reinforcement - Setting clear goals and specific objectives, you will literally SEE your progress. You can then celebrate reaching specific milestones and indulge when it matters most.

Plot your Expenditures Holistically

    You could setup a Financial Management Goal:
    • For example, create habits in terms of Dollars instead of Hours. Tracking spending is then done tracking $ instead of time, and all the reports can be used like that!  
    • Your objectives could be savings towards a specific purchase or a trip, so you get to update the objective once in while from your bank account balance.
    • Identify you are tracking money in the goal title. You might enter a dollar sign at the title's end. The minutes field gets converted to hours automatically.
    • Check-out the template called "Save for Travel" and customize it. Start tracking expanses and savings!

Spending carefully and efficiently

Wasting money while you save is like trying to fill a pail with a hole in it. A discretionary spending problem exists when we buy items or services we do not need, without considering any alternatives, or that aren't in our budget.

The morning French Roast, the weekly pack of cigarettes, and the lunchtime sub sandwich all constitute problem spending if you do not account for them. Spending money is a zero sum process; every dollar spent on a non-priority item reduces the amount available for real goals.

No more worrying. Reduce your stress by taking care of the big things first. Remember the story of the mayonnaise jar?

Get Started with your Financial Goal

You should use the new goal template to figure out what you really want. Start putting your hard-earned money into priority facets.

Use the Goal Interceptor motivation function to keep you moving. No one says you can't have fun. Count down the days until you get your reward and earn well-deserved praise along the way.

Where money Goes

Plot your expenditures holistically. Do you spend any money on spiritual growth, or are you ignoring this key facet?

Consider the positives of saving for a family trip. Are you utilizing your money to give you the greatest satisfaction and enhance your holistic well-being? Tackle the problem visually and see for yourself. The results will be eye-opening.

 Start planning, Register and get the free templates!



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Tuesday, 24 November 2020