Goal Interceptor and Weight Loss: Losing the Guilt

Loosing calories or loosing years?

We all know serial dieters. Nobody tries harder than they do. They succeed, they lapse, and they start the dieting process again. These tragic heroes can struggle for years and make us wonder whether there's a better success habit out there. There is.

Mood and Nutrition

If one knows his or her mood, they know their susceptibility to cravings, and can act accordingly. There's a strong relationship between mood and diet. Did you know that certain foods release endorphin, much as running does? These powerful, pain-killing opiates can bring us peace. Unfortunately, this all comes with a price. The deeply satisfying sensation lasts only so long, and it’s easy to undo whole days of diet and exercise while in the grip of low affect.

Chances are that you know a chocoholic. He or she turns to the dark (chocolate) side when unhappy. Perhaps you've seen a romantic comedy where the protagonist waits out her heartbreak with a pint of ice cream. Sadness equals vulnerability; one wants empty-calories when struggling because of their numbing effect. When the ground falls away beneath a person, they turn to the easiest refuge – food.

Healthy Weight Goal


Our evolutionary psychology prepares us for famine and not for abundance. How can goal interceptor help with cravings and prevent setbacks to dieting goals? The functionality of the Goal App is perfect for traking your target weight as objectives, but there's more. By tracking wellness across the spectrum of one’s life, he or she can better evaluate risk. No more rainy afternoons undoing weeks of cautious calorie counting. A staple of chronic dieters is the lack of awareness. Not sensing the patterns in their failure, they don’t know where they go wrong.

Calories come in uncounted and misunderstood. Having a wellness indicator for your Mind, Body and Spirit lets one know when they need distractions other than food. The wellness indicator creates mindfulness of one’s holistic state and expands options. Tell the yo-yo dieter in your life about the Goal Interceptor App or use it to enhance your own wellness. When one’s body and mind conspire against his own wellness, he needs powerful technology. Harness the strength of Goal Interceptor.

Goal Interceptor as a Personal Finance Tool
Mindfulness and You


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Tuesday, 24 November 2020