Expressing Your Values


Have you ever wondered why you did certain things or undertook some projects?  The last time I set a goal of running a Sprint

Course Ottawa.jpgTriathlon that required lots of training, I certainly asked myself that question a lot!

The triathlon was going to require me to swim a lot longer than I had ever done before...  On top of that, there was going to be a long bike course afterwards, followed by a grueling run!  I had run 5 km frequently, but never after having swam and biked that long...  

But almost anything is possible with the right support system in place (a sw
im coach for me!) and consistency in training.  

I am not one to undertake an event and training without a clear reason, I already have many many goals on my Future list.   The driving force behind sticking to the training plan:  Expressing my Values of Health, Energy and Sustainability

The great thing is that the Goal Interceptor App allowed me to track my progress in each of these sports, as well as showed me a graph of my consistency AND reminded me to actively appreciate the Values I was expressing during each practice run, swim or bike ride!


Here is a quote that reflected how I felt after recording my practices in the App Dashboard: 

Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one's values.

  Quote from: Ayn Rand


I trained for three months and I did reach my Goal of completing this Sprint Triathlon.  

But the best is that I felt great while training for it...  I Enjoyed the Journey!


Happy to finish after 2 hours :)


Don't Ever Give-up...
A Rich Journey to our Goals


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Tuesday, 24 November 2020