Energy for Personal Achievement

Personal Energy to Achieve more Goals

For the past four years, I have been keeping a diary where I have recorded my various energy and emotional states to find-out what makes me happy, makes me feel better.

I am in pre-retirement, now working as an independent consultant and keeping time for myself and for personal research on what makes people achieve and what’s not realized by most.

With the economy slowly coming-out of a recession and businesses and people struggling to get over it, it is more than ever important to keep you head above water and you need all of your personal energy to achieve success.

I keep saying to people, Life is not just about work, it's about effective and personal Living.  

Effective Living

To get the most out of my life, I am constantly analyzing how I feel, what I achieve daily, and how my sense of satisfaction is related to those, across the various areas of my life.   While it takes a lot more than a blog or an article to understand the human mind and our own individual internal wiring, an important aspect of human performance is how Energy, and Emotions are directly related to personal performance and achievements.

Systems Thinking for Goals

As a retired systems engineer of complex aerospace systems, I always try to understand systems by looking at building blocks, and then I try to simplify them to gain a better understanding of how these blocks interact together.  While people may think that engineers understand everything in complex stuff, in reality, all of us understand by building a representation of how things work and then use this to simplify complex systems and understand better. 

For example, an aircraft is a very complex machine, but when it is broken down into systems, it is easier to understand.  The structural system, the propulsion system, the landing gear system, the navigation system, etc.  

personal energyThe Personal Energy your require to reach your Goals can be understood the same way:  You have your
structural system (bones), your engine system (heart and lungs), navigation system (your brain and its mind).

Over the years at work and in my life, there is no doubt that the link between Energy and Emotions is one of the top factor to consider when trying to optimize your performance.  You can directly make the comparison to most systems such as an aircraft (engine thrust and control).  

Simplying our Complex Lives

This, in a nutshell, is what living better takes: be more effective in how you manage your emotions, you physical body and your personal energy.  I found it made an incredible difference in how much I could achieve, and how much better I felt.  

Talking about feeling, have you build a Success Playlist with your most inspiring music yet?  The problem I had with music albums is that some songs were upbeat while others were low-beat, kind of depresssing.  I thought, why not manage my music better and create inspiring playlist I can listen to feel better.  I have done that a while back and I regularly use this to change my mood from low to medium to high.   The key is to look at your music and organize your songs into Playlists such as:

  • Relaxing Music (great to reduce stress)
  • Inspiring (to go away from a low mood)
  • Smiley (to really get in a High-Energy & High Emotion state)
  • Fast-paced for exercises

Have a look at one of my Blog entry where I talk about that.



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Tuesday, 24 November 2020