Don't Ever Give-up...

Don't Ever Give-up... Adapt and overcome!


A few years back, a very close friend of mine had a successful home business, and he set himself a big goal: he would grow his home-based business to a million-dollar enterprise within 5 years, so it would then look after itself and he would have more leisure time. I was excited for him!


I would see my friend every month or so. At first, he was very driven. His goal would give him purpose : he had a clear vision of where he wanted to go.

The business progressed well, but then it suffered a setback:  He was now reaching for larger contracts, and other businesses he was competing with were already well established and financially stronger. They were therefore able to reduce prices to keep their clients, which put a lot of pressure on his business to reduce his prices to an unsustainable level. 


“Don’t ever give up !” he would repeat himself. 

While I saw him getting more and more stressed about his business, he went all in and remortgaged his house in order to get it to the next level.  I was starting to get more worried about his situation, as this was visibly taking a toll on him and his family life as he was entirely focused on his business.  Then, he crashed. His business went bankrupt. He lost his house. And his family.  


It was very tough for him to go through that so we tried talking about it together to make sense out of it.  He realized that the warning signals were there, he was just not listening or watching for them.  


He then took the time to reflect on what had happened, and decided to try a different approach to financial independence and a happy, balanced life: Instead of focusing on reaching an arbitrary income amount, he focused on attracting high quality clients that would bring really good income and allowed him to live a much more balanced life.  


Thinking about his difficult journey, it became clear to both of us that you can’t really pursue a goal without taking into account that maybe it is not the right objective for you at this time, or maybe things change as you progress and it becomes less relevant to your overall life happiness and satisfaction. 


Suddenly, it struck me that this is very similar to the situation a pilot and his crew face every day and requires adaptation:  

An airplane traveling across the country considers the destination as well as the comfort of the passengers.  The pilot adapts to the changing weather: the airplane doesn’t turn around (give-up) if the winds change mid-way through the trip, it adapts (changes plan) its direction to compensate. This may result in a different arrival time, but there is flexibility built-in the airlines that allows for this adaptation. 


The same thing is true for our Goals but you have to look at your results and how you feel to get feedback and adapt.  Don’t give up doesn’t mean Don’t adapt. 


What happened to my friend got me thinking. The problem with our lives is that we seldom take the time to assess why we do what we do, and often fail to re-assess if it still makes sense. Could there be a way to design a tool which would assist tracking, visualizing and adapting our Goals ?   Seeing the potential to improve lives and having a technical background I started to develop an app. I named it PureGoals and integrated all that I felt my friend would have benefited from:



This is your life compass. Goal definitions should be based on your own purpose, what you desire in life.



Goals should have a direct link to your Values, your strengths, and how you want to feel in life. Life areas and your core personal values are the canvas on which you design and live your life. 



Goals need to be realistically adjusted to how your environment is changing, and how those changes impact you. 


A support partner and possibly a Coach can have a huge energizing effect and help keeping up our energy and commitment levels up. Furthermore seeing your own progress charts provide insights and inspiration. 

Achieving goals is energizing, but getting there takes energy. When embarking on a journey to change ourselves, it is paramount to be supported, not only by the people around us, but also by people who embark on a similar journey. That is why, in creating my app, I added a social feature



Pure goals went through many states, as I was using my own app's process to develop it in the most holistic (yet realistic) way possible.

The app is now in its beta phase and you can sign-in for a free trial on PureGoals.com. You can access it here. Don't hesitate to try it and give me feedback, so it can continue to evolve in response to  ideas and needs!

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Tuesday, 24 November 2020