Online App for Simple and Effective Goal Tracking

It's been said often that a Goal worth doing is worth writing down.   

Using a tool to set your Goals will make it easier to define your Goals and their Action Plans, which should be specific objectives for the goal, and success habits you need to do regularly to get there.

  • After you define your Core Values, Goals can be defined and organized in a way that makes sense to YOU.  
  • You define the Habits that will move you along on a daily basis,
  • the Goal Interceptor App will give you access to your own control panel where you can view the status of your most important Goals and their Habits:

Your Life Information

  • See each of your Core Value and Goals, in order of priority you established
  • For each Goal, see the habits you identified as key, in order of how much they need to get done today
  • Color coded habits
    • Green Habits have been done today
    • Red Habits have less than 80% efficiency in getting done over the past 7 days, as compared to the taget you established.
    • Purple Habits are New habits which need more attention to get worked-into your daily schedule and become established habits. 



Goals Reports and Visual Feedback

 Clicking on the elements of the Dashboard gets things done (such as the green arrow to record) and gives you Visual reports and Graphs on your Progress with respect to:

  • Overall Goal Progress
  • Habits time spent, consistency and Journal
  • Balance between Work-Life or any other areas of your Life
    • Track actual time spent and compare to your Target

 Goals and Habits to get Action and Reports

Get Started Setting Your Goals Today


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Tuesday, 24 November 2020