Coach me about Values

What are Core Values:

These are areas of your life that you might want to balance with each other.
+ Goal should be linked to one of these Values when you create or edit them.
+ Time spent on each Goals will be counted towards the specific Value you have identified.
+ Time allocated and spent for each Value will be used to calculate the pie charts showing your life balance.

Be Passionate and use Meaningful Titles

+ Naming these Values for group of things that are really close to your heart will give meaning to your Goals.
+ Make these short so that they display better on your Mobile devices you may use to track progress.


+ Should be used to provide more context and remind yourself why a specific Value is important to you.

Use when:

+ Select one Value each time you create a Goals
+ Life Balance Pie charts use these Values to display your allocation made in your plans and to display the time you have spent in the past week and in the past 24 hours.

Quick Start

+ Some areas are initialy defined, but feel free to create your own, delete or edit your Values.
+ Deleting Values will not erase goals associated with them.

Quick Goal Start:

Import one of these starter template to get started quickly:

Coach me about Goals
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Tuesday, 24 November 2020