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Your Goals are sorted by order of Priority, 1 being the highest and 5 being for inactive, long-term Goals.


When you create each Goal, select an existing Value or create a new one at the bottom of the Create Goal form.


Clicking on the underlined title of your Goal will take you to your Goals report, showing a progress curve, weekly time spent and journal entries. You can also access the Goal Report from your Dashboard. Of course you need some data before this is useful.


This is the average completion of all the objectives in each Goal at this time.

Habit hour

This column calculates the total time for the Goal's Habits you have defined in the Goal Details form. Identifying new Habits and working diligently to take action is the cornestone of successful change and is what this Goal tool supports the best.


Clicking on this Button for a specific Goal will take you to the Goal Planning page, where you can identify successive objectives towards reaching your goals: remember that breaking big goals into small manageable steps works best. The Goal Details page is also where you identify which Habits you need to take-on, how often every week (frequency) and what is the estimated time commitment.

Weekly allocation

This time estimate is based on all the Habits you have created for all your active goals put together. It is meant to give you an idea of the time commitment you are making.

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Tuesday, 24 November 2020