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About your Dashboard

This is the personalized view to all your on-going goals with priority of 1 (most important) to 5.  Only you can see this information, or any of the information you enter into this App, unless you decide to post details in the Teams area, where you can receive and get supportive comments to other members working in Goals. 


Your Dashboard


  • This is where you see the list of active Goals you have.
  • Goal Progress in % is a 50-50 mix of your measurable objectives (if you defined one) and the consistency with which you have taken action for all Habits part of this Goal.
  • The related Core Value is in bracket. If there is nothing, go to the Goal Details page, edit the goal and pick an existing core value you have or create a new one. 
  • Click on the graph icon to see your progress charts
  • The Plan button brings you to that Goal's details to edit your Goal and it's plan.  
  • Habits are listed under each Goal.
    • The habit title is colored to show if you are late with respect to the number of times done in the past seven days
    • The rating color show how you have rated this habit over the past few weeks,
    • The Progress bar shows how much action you have taken compared to what your plan was in terms of number of times per week you wanted to do this, and in terms of approximate duration for each time you plan on doing a habit. The empty bar means no action in the past 7 days, a full bar means 100% or more action. 
    • The report icon takes you to the habit report with some graphs to see what makes this habit tic for you and a journal listing of all your comments for this Habit. 


Recording taking action for a Habit

  • Click on the empty checkbox at the left of each habit
  • The box is pre-filled with todays date and some default values
  • You can just click "Record Action" or change the values
  • The Notes and the Ratings are important to provide you information when you look at improving your performance or overcoming personal challenges. Take the time to rate and add a short note when you can. 


  • The App automatically looks at your progress when you record action and will give you an Award when you reach a key milestone for a goal or a habit.
  • The awards of the day will be listed here and a post will be published to the Getting Started group or whatever other group you select for your Goal

Team Progress timeline

  • Each of your Goals is automatically joined to the Getting Started Group so that we can all cheer each-other up.
  • You can change what group a goal belongs to in the Goal details page.
  • Your awards are posted in your Goal's group, but with a generic text so your personal information is not shared automatically.
  • If you do want to share information notes on a specific Habit you've just done, there is a checkbox in the record event popup form you can check to have your action note posted to your goals group.
  • The Cool thing is that other group members will see this note in the group stream here and can cheer-you up with "Likes" and "Comments". 
  • Make new like-minded friends and share tips!
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Tuesday, 24 November 2020